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Committee Election 2022

  • Nominations Start
    9 May 2022, 8 a.m.
  • Nominations End
    22 May 2022, 5 p.m.
  • Voting Starts
    23 May 2022, 8 a.m.
  • Voting End
    29 May 2022, 5 p.m.
Welcome to the nominations for the 2022/2023 Crackchester Committee. We are opening 8 committee positions this spring that you can apply for. For each position, you will see a short description below. Being on the committee gives you the opportunity to shape a society that has been an integral part of student life over the last few years. Alongside making an impact, by being on the committee you will be given the opportunity to network with the individuals and bolster their CVs. If you have any questions contact us on Facebook or on our Discord server.

Positions Available

  • Treasurer

    The Treasurer's role involved working closely with the Student's Union to organize the Society's Finance. Working with companies and sponsors to ensure that our events run smoothly while procuring funds to keep the society financially stable, is crucial to the Treasurer's responsibilities. Communication between different teams and keeping track of their spending is important to this role as well.

  • Dev Officer

    The Dev Officer's task is to manage our Dev Team who will be working on Crackchester projects such as our Website or new CTF challenges for Hackers Hub. For this role, you will need both management and coding skills. Having good knowledge of Git, Python and Docker containers are definitely an advantage.

    2 positions available
  • President

    This position of the President of Crackchester involves being the Head of the Committee. You'll need to efficiently manage your and the committee's time, resources, and efforts. The main responsibilities include managing all the teams and officers of the Society. Ensuring all communications, events & podcasts run smoothly are some of the key aspects to look into as a President, as well.

  • Vice President

    This position is the second in command in the Society. The main responsibilities include helping the President manage all the teams and other officers of the Society. Moreover, the VP is the Inclusion Officer of the Society, which means you will be responsible for including new members and making them feel that this is their community, so you'll need good communication skills as well.

  • General Secretary

    The role of the General Secretary involves taking minutes and coordinating meetings for the Committee. The General Secretary will work closely with the President, VP and Treasurer to ensure that the society runs smoothly. Having strong communication & organizational skills would be valuable to this role.

  • Events Officer

    The Events Officer will be responsible for planning, organizing, coming up with, and managing new Cybersecurity events and socials. It's the perfect job for people who are looking to exercise their imagination and bolster their CV. Coordination with sponsors to ensure that combined events are completed, will be a key responsibility of the Events Officer. A focus will also be given to Hackers' Hub, which is our annual conference involving a CTF, keynote speakers, and company talks, between the Event Officers.

  • Graphics Officer

    The Graphics Officer will be in charge of creating graphical material for the society which could be posters for advertising or designs for hoodies and our website. For this role, having skills in Photoshop or other graphics designing (web designing tools as well, such as Webflow) software is a massive advantage.